Cheap Email Marketing – The 8 Benefits to Look For in an Email Marketing Product For Your Business

If you have only been searching for the cheap email marketing solutions you run the risk of missing out on the advanced features that the internet marketing guru’s use to great effect. Yes it is more affordable to purchase a cheap email marketing package, but what benefits are you giving up in terms of functionality and control?

Whatever package you finally purchase you will want to have ease of use of the product in order to save time spent learning the system, which you can then invest into other areas of your business. Other benefits to look out for in any email marketing package include:

1. Value for money. You certainly do not want to pay over the odds for any package, no matter how highly rated, so its best to spend a little time researching the market to make sure you get a product within your price range and with acceptable features.

2. No hidden extra charges. Not as uncommon as you may think, but there are some companies and packages that include extra charges for setting up additional services that you may think are included within your monthly fee (such as setting up additional autoresponder campaigns)

3. Email opt in form designs. Some of the cheap email marketing products may not include a range of customizable email opt in forms that you can adjust to suit your needs. It is a proven fact that an attractive Email opt in form can make a huge difference to the number of signups you can get in any market (split tested to death)

4. Automatic subscription and unsubscription. Being able to automatically subscribe and unsubscribe people from your lists is vital, and any cheap email marketing package that does not offer this most basic feature should be avoided like the plague.

5. Importing existing customers and subscribers. This particular benefit can be missing from many of the best email marketing products simply because the provider does not want to be troubled by the rise in spam complaints, brought about by users claiming to already have a client’s permission to email them, when in fact they are not currently subscribed to the email list. Many providers will require that you get your current customers and subscribers to subscribe all over again before allowing you to add them to your lists.

6. Choice of email format. This is important if you would like fancy designs for your newsletters, which are sent in HTML format. Otherwise you will only be able to send boring looking black text on a white background (like this article!) which is sent in plain text format. Your choice of email format can influence greatly the actions of your subscribers (again split tested to death)

7. Customer service automation. If you don’t have the staff, or rather don’t want them wasting time on the mundane tasks that can be accomplished automatically, then you will require the benefit of customer service automation, which is accomplished through autoresponders.

Your autoresponder is the most important aspect of your whole email marketing campaign. It handles everything from welcoming new subscribers, to delivering your constant stream of newsletters and sales messages, and is truly the one piece of your campaign that you cannot do without. Do not make the mistake of searching for a cheap email marketing product without learning about the benefits an autoresponder can provide your business, whatever market you are in.

8. Email marketing product support. If things go wrong, and nothing is perfect, it’s always nice to know that qualified support personnel are only a phone call away (or an email!) so find out if you are looking for a cheap email marketing solution that it does offer product support.