Network Marketing Products That Sell!

Anyone that has seriously looked into a home based business will realize that there are all kinds of different network marketing products all claiming to be the best. How do sort through all the companies and products to pick what’s right for you? How do you know what network marketing products actually sell?

There are a few simple guidelines to follow when looking into the products offered by any network marketing company and deciding if it will be right for you.

1. Is this something people need?

Many network marketing companies rely on providing products that people already need. This way the customers (and marketers) simply replace their existing products or services with those offered by the company. (i.e phone plan, legal services, household products, cosmetics etc)

2. Is this something people want?

Some network marketing products are designed to give people something they want. This could be weight loss, health, beauty, personal development, etc. These products are designed to help people become the person they wan to be, they are aspirational. This uses the principal that people tend to make decisions based on how they like to see themselves, not who they really are. The downside of these products is they are not always used and often simply clutter up someone’s garage until they realize they are not going to do anything with them and cancel their auto-shipment.

3. Is this something people need AND want?

Some network marketing products are a combination of both needs and wants. In this category you might get household products that are made all naturally rather than with harmful chemicals. Something you would eat or drink everyday anyway, but with added healthy ingredients.

4. Would I buy this?

This is the absolute key to whether or not you will be able to sell any particular product. Is this something you would buy even if there was no opportunity attached to it? Is this something that you would be happy to have a garage full of? If not you are not going to be able to get excited about it and you are certainly not going to convince anyone else that they should buy it!

5. Is this priced correctly?

Again, assuming that there was no business opportunity attached, would you feel the price of the product is fair? Often times in order to support lucrative pay plans the company has to give out huge commissions which means they have to inflate the price of their products. This is often simply part of the network marketing business, but you have to be sure you are comfortable to both pay and charge the amount on the price-tag. For example, some network marketing companies offer big ticket items with huge commissions (i.e. Information products for over $1000). This means more selling for you and the hurdle of being comfortable asking people to fork over a huge chunk of money, but a higher commission when you do make a sale.