How To Order An Affiliate Marketing Product Funnel To Maximise Sales

In this article I am going explain to you what an affiliate marketing product funnel looks like and two different ways to order your products. You will also learn about price points and what the best starting point is if you are a beginner in affiliate marketing and you will also learn how you can make more sales with that first product.

The first component I am going to explain is the products because without the products you don’t have a business. You may have the website, you may have the traffic, but with no products to sell then there will be no money. In order to make a profit in any kind of marketing and in affiliate marketing you need products to sell. You need multiple products to sell and they all have to be closely related to the niche that you’re in. You won’t make any money promoting a gardening book to people who are only interested in fishing. They have to be related and the closer to your niche the more likely they are to sell.

The very first product should be the best match to your list. Now when I say list I am referring to a list of subscribers who have opted in to your email list. It should be a low price, “entry level product”, because with a lower priced product you will make more sales. Remember that this will probably be the first purchase that anyone makes from you so by keeping it a lower priced product you will increase your chances of selling it. By making these first sales they will give you more confidence in the whole process because when your first sale you can make two, when you make two sales you can make four, then ten.

Now conversely, if you decided to promote a $500 home study course you may only make one or two sales of that per one thousand subscribers and this could take months. You do not want to wait months to start making sales, so by starting with a lower priced product you will get more sales right from the start.

The next product in line may be a higher priced product than the first, then the third may be a little higher again, but this doesn’t have to be the case. You don’t have to set up your product funnel based on price alone. It could be the first product is the most closely related to your niche, and of course it should be, the second could be another sub niche of your niche. For instance if your niche was fishing, your first product might be a river fishing manual, the second product might be a sea fishing manual, the third might be overseas fishing. You see they are closely related but are sub niches within the niche of fishing.

Network Marketing Products That Sell!

Anyone that has seriously looked into a home based business will realize that there are all kinds of different network marketing products all claiming to be the best. How do sort through all the companies and products to pick what’s right for you? How do you know what network marketing products actually sell?

There are a few simple guidelines to follow when looking into the products offered by any network marketing company and deciding if it will be right for you.

1. Is this something people need?

Many network marketing companies rely on providing products that people already need. This way the customers (and marketers) simply replace their existing products or services with those offered by the company. (i.e phone plan, legal services, household products, cosmetics etc)

2. Is this something people want?

Some network marketing products are designed to give people something they want. This could be weight loss, health, beauty, personal development, etc. These products are designed to help people become the person they wan to be, they are aspirational. This uses the principal that people tend to make decisions based on how they like to see themselves, not who they really are. The downside of these products is they are not always used and often simply clutter up someone’s garage until they realize they are not going to do anything with them and cancel their auto-shipment.

3. Is this something people need AND want?

Some network marketing products are a combination of both needs and wants. In this category you might get household products that are made all naturally rather than with harmful chemicals. Something you would eat or drink everyday anyway, but with added healthy ingredients.

4. Would I buy this?

This is the absolute key to whether or not you will be able to sell any particular product. Is this something you would buy even if there was no opportunity attached to it? Is this something that you would be happy to have a garage full of? If not you are not going to be able to get excited about it and you are certainly not going to convince anyone else that they should buy it!

5. Is this priced correctly?

Again, assuming that there was no business opportunity attached, would you feel the price of the product is fair? Often times in order to support lucrative pay plans the company has to give out huge commissions which means they have to inflate the price of their products. This is often simply part of the network marketing business, but you have to be sure you are comfortable to both pay and charge the amount on the price-tag. For example, some network marketing companies offer big ticket items with huge commissions (i.e. Information products for over $1000). This means more selling for you and the hurdle of being comfortable asking people to fork over a huge chunk of money, but a higher commission when you do make a sale.

Want to Know How to Do an Affiliate Marketing Product Review? Two Essential Principles to Follow

Want to want to know how to do an affiliate marketing product review? Of course you will have to do some research, but basically there are two essential principles to follow.

A few years ago, I got interested in how to make money online. I discovered that marketing as an affiliate of someone else’s product is a great way to do that.

Creating reviews of products is an often-used tactic of affiliate marketers.

Would you really like to know how to do an affiliate marketing product review and what the two essential principles to follow are? I will be happy to tell you, but first, let me enquire of you? Do you have a commitment to put time into your project? It could be a lot of time, or it could be just a little volume of time. The key, however, is to consistently set aside a certain amount of time for this opportunity. In undertakings such as these, successful business people have discovered a secret!

What is that secret?

Here it is: people will trust you more if you give an unbiased review of a product. In wanting to write such a review, you will find that there are two essential principles you can put into practice.

1. Write an Unbiased Review

You may be afraid to do this for some products, in some ways, because they may be products for which you are an affiliate? Would you want to point out something negative in something you are trying to sell? Strangely, yes!

First of all, you can write an unbiased review.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Point out the Negative Points

Not only will writing an unbiased review help you to sell your product, but pointing out the negative points of the product will also help you to sell your product.

3. Implementing the Two Principles Mentioned Helps you Gain Credibility

In addition to writing an unbiased review and pointing out the negative points of the product, your credibility will show through and this will help you to sell your product

So, we have seen writing an unbiased review and pointing out the negative aspects of your product, program or service will all help you to sell more of the products for which you are an affiliate

Warning: Just studying about writing reviews of products will not be adequate, You will also have to take action.

You have obtained two essential tips in this article, but there is a lot more information out there. Don’t stop with just this little dab of information (even though it is valuable). Learn all you can about how to do an affiliate marketing product review.

You Don’t Have to Be a Guru to Sell Your Internet Network Marketing Product

Just the other day, I was talking to a brand new team member and they posed an excellent question which I wanted to pass along to you because I know some of you are in the same boat that she was.

Her question was, “All this recruiting stuff is great, but how does all this internet network marketing stuff work if I just want to sell products?”

Awesome question, and I’ll let you in on a little secret here.

Most people who build businesses online, outside of the internet network marketing crowd, actually make virtually all of their money from product sales, not recruiting. It’s just one of those quirks that has evolved in our internet network marketing industry over the last few years that people talk about recruiting a lot. Many of those who talk a lot about it are one of those self-proclaimed MLM Gurus.

Now, here is another secret, selling products is fundamentally no different than recruiting on the internet. In fact is easier, because virtually no one in our internet network marketing industry is trying to do it. In fact, long story made short here, my very very very first website was a product focused one, and I’ll be honest, that one was a complete flop for various reasons.

The problems was that I didn’t have all the ingredients at the time necessary to build a long term business on the internet. I thought that I’d just throw up a website and people would come and just buy my stuff because I had it listed on my website. Little did I know my site shouldn’t be like an e-commerce site, but I should focus on collecting leads on the front end.

Anyway, we went through a little exercise to pinpoint very quickly how to exactly what we are talking about.

Here are the steps for you as well to copy, swipe and implement from for yourself.

Step 1) Pick a product from your company. If your company only has one, that’s great, makes things easier.

You need to pick one product, and preferably one that has the biggest profit margins in it, and has some clearly defined benefits to it. Maybe your company offers some kind of immunity booster, or anti-aging juice or something like that. This helps identify what niche you are going to go after online.

Step 2) Do a little brain storming.

What are the main benefits of that product, and what kind of pain (literal or figurative) does it help get rid of? Jot those down on a piece of paper. These ideas are how you are going to connect with those people in your chosen niche.

Step 3) Do some keyword research with the good ole Google keyword tool.

Use the words, phrases or keywords that you came up with in step 2 to see if your hunches on what people
are looking for are right.

Step 4) Now this is where we start getting to the fun part here.

Traffic getting. Like you’ve read a lot about right here, use videos, articles, blogs, pay per click marketing or whatever to get those. If you need some help with getting traffic to your site, go get Simple MLM Leads and that will get you going like gangbusters.

Step 5) Once you have visitors to your website, start collecting leads and names and email addresses by giving them some kind of information freebie related to what niche you are in.

Step 6) Offer them something that will help them, like your product.

If they don’t want your product, go ahead and offer them something that will help them, like a book you read, a membership that they can join, or something related that will help them get what they want and help you build multiple streams of income in the process.

Take the money you make and re-invest it back into your business and grow it as big as you want.

Wash, rinse and repeat.

It’s really not much more complicated than that.

A lot of us try to make it extremely complicated, but the basic process works for your network marketing products, or recruiting, it really doesn’t matter.

And so what if it doesn’t work at first?

Doesn’t matter.

The winners in this game are the ones who try things, and if what they do doesn’t work, they tweak things and change them up a bit and keep trying until they figure out something that does work.

The big thing is, just get after it and start building your business.

To learn more about selling your internet network marketing product, read below and click on the link for more information.