Top Internet Marketing Product

The top Internet Marketing Product is – No wait that would be too easy. Finding the top Internet marketing Product is actually not that easy. First of all what exactly is it that you as an Internet Marketer are trying to do? Do you know all the right questions to ask, and who to ask them of?

OK so now I have got you thinking a bit if I asked the question of a group of marketers some would say Keyword Elite, some Market Samurai etc. etc. However I do not think that either of them are the top product. Software such as these solve specific problems that we might have as Internet Marketers at a point in time.

There are a lot more issues that we as Internet Marketers face.

– Where do I get the best web Hosting?

– How do I build a web site?

– What Niche should I market to?

– Is that Niche going to be profitable?

– What is my competition like?

– How many visitors can I expect?

– Which keywords should I use?

– Do I use Article Marketing or Pay per Click or both?

– How do I improve my copy writing?

– Where do I go for the best back links?

– Can I get lessons on current topics to keep me up to date?

– Who do I talk to if I get stuck at any point?

– Who can I trust among all the guru’s out there?

– Am I complying with all the relevant laws?

– How do I ensure that everything is Search Engine optimized?

It is a long list and not fully comprehensive, but are you aware that there is actually a product that solves all of these problems and more? Could you imagine what a difference it would make to your Internet Marketing Business if you could find a tool that would solve all of these problems? I am sure that you could and they do exist companies such as the Internet Marketing Center offer courses to provide you with solutions to these problems and to get you started, but there are ongoing needs and they tend not to follow up with you.

There is the Warrior Forum which is great if you can find some one who can answer your question or you have qualified for their inner circle. The need really is for more than this it is for some type of ongoing education such as that found at a University. I believe that these do exist, if you keep searching the web you may find one.